Oskar" by Raynaud enchants the senses with its grandiose geometric design that appeals to the senses. Very fine lines adorn Raynaud’s white Limoges porcelain. Upon examining each "Oskar" plate more carefully, you will notice that the geometric pattern varies slightly each time. That is exactly what is wanted from the designer Mariela Schwarz Montiel who has already conceived a number of dinner services for Raynaud. Most of the plates have a golden fixed point in the middle to which the eye-catching line pattern gravitates.

Raynaud is one of the leading porcelain manufacturers from the legendary French porcelain town of Limoges in France. Porcelain from Raynaud is distinguished by its particularly innovative decor. All of the work is done in Limoges.

  • Limoges Porcelain
  • Dinner Plate, 10.6" | Dessert Plate, 8.7" | Breakfast Coupe Bowl, 6.7", 11.8 oz | Rim Soup, 10.5", 9.1 oz | Mug, 10.1 oz | Rice Bowl, 5.5", 15.2 oz | Salad Serving Bowl, 10.4" | Cake Plate, 10.6"
  • Hand Wash | Not suitable for use in the microwave | Use care when stacking the plates for storing.
  • Please note: Dinnerware is a special order and is not available for return or exchange. Final sale. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. 

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