Bubble Collection Vase - Olive


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This Bubble Collection Vase - Olive is carefully crafted in clay and handmade in Italy by the artistry works of Claudia Carpenito. Its unique texture and quality make it the perfect addition to any home decor.

  • 14.5 " H 
  • Not watertight. For decorative purposes only.

Cuorecarpenito is a ceramic studio in Reggio Emilia, created by Claudia Carpenito in 2012, after a long experience in the world of restoration of artworks.  Her creations are handmade with traditional techniques, on the lathe, and with clay plates. Each vase in the collection can be reproduced, remaining unique at the same time because it can never be perfectly identical to the previous one.  Characterized by an apparently playful soul, Claudia Carpenito’s work offers an original and engaging aesthetic dimension, not without historical and artistic roots, inspirations from Italian design, and strongly linked to Italian culture.