Infuse Symbolism and Tradition into Your Passover Table

March 14 2024 – Karen Tolchin

We asked our Tabletop Stylists for tips on crafting a meaningful holiday table. Follow these easy steps to incorporate layers of symbolism and tradition.

Passover Table Looks

  1. Napkins & Rings: Elevate your Passover table with napkins & rings which will enhance the atmosphere of tradition and elegance. Our favorites include: White Napkin With Edge, Pin Dot Napkin, Glisten Napkins

  2. Matzah Cover: Place a decorative matzah cover in the center of the table, over the Matzah symbolizing the unleavened bread eaten during Passover. Our favorites include:  Matzah Cover, Matzah Cover

  3. Seder Plate: Set the Seder plate in the center of the table, containing the symbolic foods of Passover, such as bitter herbs, charoset, and a roasted egg. Each item on the Seder plate represents an aspect of the Passover story and Exodus. Our favorites include: Lucite Seder Plate, Acrylic Seder Plate, Silver Lucite Seder Plate

  4. Wine Goblets: Arrange wine goblets for each participant, as wine is an integral part of the Passover Seder.  Remember to set out an extra glass in anticipation of Elijah's arrival. Our favorites include: Luna Wine Glass, Colored Wine Glass Set, Serenade Wine Glass Set

  5. Candlesticks: Place traditional candlesticks on either side of the table, symbolizing the light of freedom and enlightenment. Light the candles before the Seder begins to usher in the holiday.

  6. Pesonalized Haggadahs: Consider creating a custom made Haggadah this year, by using family photos or  remembering those missing from the gathering it will enhance the experience. We like: Custom Haggadah

  7. Decorative Elements: Add decorative elements such as fresh flowers,  bus vases and tealights on your table. We love: Bloom Tealight, Rita VaseTrui Vase

  8. For The Children, Add An Afikoman Cover : Hiding the afikoman is a cherished tradition by encouraging active participation from children, as they eagerly search for the hidden afikoman, adding excitement to the Seder.:  Afikoman Cover

  • By layering these elements together, you can create a meaningful and visually stunning Passover table that honors tradition while celebrating freedom and renewal.