New Pitcher Blue Green

David Changar

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Introducing the New Pitcher in Blue Green, a stunning addition  as a vase or pitcher in any home. Handmade by ceramic artist David Changar, this pitcher boasts an organic and abstract shape, adding an artistic touch to your space. Each piece is hand-painted, making it truly unique. Made of high-quality ceramic, it's both functional and beautiful.

Each artisan piece is hand built of high quality porcelain or a stoneware clay body, which is high-fired to vitrification to gain durability and function. The pieces are then glazed in a vivid mix of color that create a piece that is functionally beautiful. 

The artist is influenced by the love of curvaceous forms of Greco-Roman and Chinese vases; the unearthly environments of Antonio Gaudi's Architecture; the whimsy of Dr. Seuss's setting and the sheer playfulness of George Ohr's pots.

  • Made of ceramic
  • Blue Green
  • Handcrafted and Signed by ceramic artist David Changar
  • Approximately 7"