With the rise of the Byzantine empire in the 5th century, the art of mosaic took on brilliant new applications, inspiring artisans ever since.

In homage to these marvelous, geometric arrangements, the Byzanteum dinnerware collection reinterprets the ancient craft in an innovative and contemporary fashion, with rich textures brought to life through a variety of meticulously detailed finishes.

Mix the Gold Byzanteum Collection with the Malachite Collection for an exotic combination that is completely captivating every time. 

PLEASE NOTE: All plates and bowls are priced individually but must be ordered in quantities of 4. 

Material | Limoges Porcelain

Dimensions | Charger Plate 12.5" | Dinner Plate 11" | Dessert Plate 9" | B&B Plate 6.5" | Cereal Bowl 6" | Mug 20oz

Care | Dishwasher safe using a gentle, energy-efficient air dry cycle with a non-citrus detergent | Items with metallic accents are not suitable for the microwave

Details | Available in white, 24K gold, platinum and tri-color.

Please choose carefully - dinnerware is not available for return or exchange. 

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